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Building Codes – Information & Updates

Building Code Information and Updates

The Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014) went into effect on Tuesday June 30, 2015. While the majority of the code is currently being enforced, some questions exist surrounding the enforcement of new energy requirements with regard to replacement windows and doors and the “30% Rule.” The specific question requiring clarification is, “When I replace windows in a home and spend less than 30% of the assessed value of the property, do I need to meet the minimum U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient requirements in the Florida Energy Code?”

Florida’s Energy Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has reviewed the question, but has not yet come to a decision. A declaratory statement, which seeks to clarify the above question, has been filed with the Florida Building Commission. The Energy TAC will reconvene on September 25 and the issue will go before the Florida Building Commission at the October 14 meeting. As we gain additional information, we will continue to provide updates on this important matter.

Update: On September 18, 2015, The declaratory statement was withdrawn. A request has been made to the Florida Building Commission to form a working group, that will allow all stakeholders to come together to clarify and gain uniform consensus on replacement fenestration. Enforcement of the energy code will continue to be determined by each jurisdiction until the work group comes to a decision and gains approval from the Energy Technical Advisory Committee and the Florida Building Commission. We do not expect a resolution and uniformity to commence until mid-2016 or later.

All of PGT’s NOAs are fully updated and Approved by Miami Dade County to the new code. Current NOA documents can be found on our Product Approvals and Certifications page.

If you should have any questions or require further clarification, please feel free to contact us.

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